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Lorraine Maggs – Artist Statement

Future Prospects 2014, Hanging - width 104cms x 400cms - Silicone gel Hand Writing on Melinex polyester film.

Future Prospects is an installation to raise awareness of water issues surrounding Orphan school Creek: when it rains hard Orphan School Creek will bursts its banks.

Fairfield City Council has ten creeks (over 80 kilometres) in the city flowing into both the Georges River and Hawkesbury Nepean Catchments. The creeks are key components of Fairfield’s stormwater network, and also provide recreational opportunities for residents. Pressures on the creeks include water pollution from industrial and residential sources, erosion of stream banks, weed invasion and litter.

To express the water issues of Orphan School Creek, Maggs has used a three dimensional format to tangibly explore the storyline of the creek with screeds of transparent script written in silicone gel along with the occasional image of a water creature onto a four metre long roll of clear polyester film. The flow of the script mimics the abstract watery ripples of the creek’s ebbs and flows and the reflective surface of the film catches the light and adds a wet look to the work.

L.M. November, 2014